Comment of the Day: Nature-driven snuff films

A unique standpoint comes from TheHoldSteady in reaction to our post on storm chasers:

I live in Kansas in an older house with no storm shelter nor basement. My town was nearly hit by the same tornado that just about wiped Greensburg from the face of the earth. Given that, I despise these ’storm chasers’ who aren’t out there to warn people of danger, but are merely engaging in sick, TV-financed voyeurism thinly wrapped in a tissue of lies about ’science’. This whole thing can be wrapped up with a quote from Don Henley’s song Dirty Laundry: “It’s interesting when people die”. I suspect the ratings for this series is much higher in those areas of the US rarely threatened by tornadoes. Enjoy it all you want, but acknowledge what it really is: an nature-driven snuff film.

Being from Ohio I was regularly freaked out as a kid when they’d blow the tornado siren so I agree with Mr. HoldSteady’s assessment wholeheartedly.