QWXGA resolution: Samsung 23-inch LCD monitor


The sinister question mark strikes again—is this, really, the world’s first QWXGA LCD monitor? I do believe so, yes.

It’s the Samsung 2342BWX, a 23-inch monitor with a 2048×1152-pixel resolution. One of the benefits of cramming so many pixels into 23 inches is that, perhaps, it eliminates the need for two monitors, which isn’t always an inexpensive proposition. As a one-monitor man, I’m not too sure how I would benefit from a second monitor—what, just because I can keep my Mail.app and iTunes window open on monitor 2 my productivity increases? Anecdotally, I’m not so sure.

But, back to this monitor! Korea gets first dibs, of course, and it will go for a cheap-ish ~$300.

What kind of GPU, I wonder, would be required to drive so many pixels?