Sony Ericsson gets official with the W705 Walkman phone and the MBS-900 Bluetooth speaker

We kind of knew these two Sony Ericsson products were dropping today, and so, here are the Sony W705 Walkman phone and MBS-900 Bluetooth speaker. The quad-band W705 seems like an upgraded G705 with WiFi, YouTube access, 3.2 MP camera, and a FM radio with TrackID built-in. Plus, it has a large 2.4-inch screen along with an accelerometer for Shake Control. The whole thing is made out of a metal finish that should help this slider stand out.

The MBS-900 Bluetooth speaker system is meant to play nicely with the W705 but it should work with any ‘ol Bluetooth phone. You can control the volume, along with playback selection, from the phone itself and if a call comes in, the speaker will mute. No word on pricing for either units, but they should launch in the first part of ’09 in select markets.