T-Mobile announces holiday line-up, gives away plane tickets

Word of T-Mobile’s Holiday line-up just came down the wire, and it doesn’t look like they’ve kept any Christmas surprises up their sleeve. Anything that hasn’t been announced officially has been leaked for a few weeks now, so this pretty much just serves as one big confirmation.

  • Motorola ZN5: Pictured on right. Announced and released 2 days ago. It’s a quad-band candybar phone. While it doesn’t have 3g capabilities, it does have WiFi and a 5 megapixel camera with xenon flash. Not too shabby for $99 on a two year bloodpact.
  • Cameo: Leaked a month ago. It’s a $100 7-inch digital picture frame with its own SIM card and number. Send pictures to it via picture message, and they show up on the frame. Cool idea, but the $10-dollars-a-month fee on top of the $100 cost up front seems a bit steep. Available in “the coming weeks”

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