The Claw Bike Storage device up for presale on Amazon

Fans of ABC’s American Inventor should remember The Claw from last season. It’s a neat bike-hanging device that grabs and releases the bike, or other items, at a touch of the large button. The thought is all you need to do is lift your bike high enough to engage the button that releases the spring-equipped claws, therefore holding the bike in place. To release, you simple lift the bike into the button, which disengages the claws. Simple and clever.

However, what the judges of the show kept stating still holds true today that the main competitor of this $59 gadget is the $2 hook. Amazon has the now-called Gladiator GarageWorks Claw Advanced Bike Storage v1.0 up for pre-order if you’re too good for the simple hook and need a more upscale solution to hold your Kona Bike.