MySpace CEO: Yeah, we'd like to make our own portable media player one day


Did you hear the news? MySpace is thinking about creating its own portable media player! Reuters seems to think that such a player would be in competition with the iPod, which we all know is a lie: there’s the iPod WAY UP HERE, then everything else WAY DOWN THERE. If anything, the MySpace player would be in competition with Zune and Sansa—you know, the “other” portable media players.

But that’s all speculation. In truth, the company’s CEO, Chris DeWolfe, only said that it’s “possible” that the company would create its own PMP. While it would go nicely with MySpace Music, I suppose, you question the wisdom of launching new hardware in this economic environment (read: run for your lives). It’s not like a MySpace-branded PMP would be so different from what’s already out there, right?

Even if this end up being true, that MySpace wants to create a PMP, don’t expect it anytime soon, what with DeWolfe cautioning, “Right now, we’re just focusing on the service.”