Chemical fingerprint detector can also read a letter off of anything it touched

Anyone want to start a pool on when this will be featured on CSI? I’m guessing within 4 months. Apparently Disulfur Dinitride, quite a simple chemical compound, turns nearly undetectable traces of fingerprints brown and may be more effective than current techniques of taping, dusting, or treating and exposing to UV or whatnot (I don’t know — what am I, a private eye?).

Nice, right? Well if that weren’t enough, S2N2 also bonds, or reacts with or whatever, with traces of inkjet ink. The article only goes so far as saying it could read a letter from its envelope, but consider this: if you printed out a two page document and stapled it together, the law could read the second page from the traces it left on the back of the first page. How freaky is that? I will tell you: it is freaky to the max.