Rockstar Games' Dan Houser says to expect GTA IV DLC release date in a few weeks


There’s a nifty, jargon-free interviewover at Variety with Rockstar Games’ Dan Houser. (Let’s just call Houser the czar of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.) In it, which you really ought to read in its entirety, Houser explains the differences between Japanese and American gaming preferences (and how that affects GTA), how the industry has moved beyond all-Japanese developers and Japanese-style games to one where Western developers have finally gotten their act together, to the upcoming DLC for GTA IV.

While admitting that he doesn’t know exactly when the DLC will be released, Houser did say that Rockstar plans to announce a release date in the next few weeks. The way the wording is, I wouldn’t expect it this year, though. If that changes, great; if not, well, what are you gonna do?