Sirius XM ad in USA Today portends future channel line-up

Hi-res version here

This scan from last Friday’s USA Today (yes, I know that’s “ancient” in Internet time, but that’s all we’ve got) sheds some light on just what Sirius XM’s combined offering will look like.

What’s not understood is if this ad represents the finality of the Sirius XM. That is, should we assume that the only dance channels that will be offered are BPM and Sirius XM Chill? (There’s no logo for Chrome, The System and so forth.) Or, is this merely a “hey, here’s some of the cool stuff you can expect”?

Keep in mind who Sirius XM was targeting with this ad: people who read USA Today, which is about as Real America (Middle America, whatever you want to call it) as it gets. That is, being that it’s USA Today, we shouldn’t expect more nuanced channel listings.

The “new” lineup is rumored to launch on Wednesday, dontcha know.