Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound 5: looks daft, but hey

First, I have this to say about it: if this device works as well as its website, I hope it’s banished to the innermost receses of the earth. Please, web designers: no more autoplaying music and pointless intro videos that show nothing. And especially no music that continues to start up 10 seconds after you stop it, again and again and again. Now, on to the product.

It’s an mp3 jukebox of a form factor that has never been tried: supremely awkward. Apparently composed of a rectangular prism intersecting with an oblique column, this gadget was not created with subtlety in mind. I believe the guts are found in the base, and the control interface uses only that silver disc and the buttons thereupon. Honestly, though, why would you get this? It’s ugly as sin and if you’re going to cough up for a nice central mp3 controller, why not go with a touchscreen, either wireless or embedded? No, this appears to be strictly for attention-seekers and interior designers making a “music room” or something. Feh!
[via Acquire]