Pioneer's HDJ-2000 headphones would look great on you at Pacha


Let’s say your name is, I don’t know, Jonathan Peters or Jojo Flores or Armand Van Helden. As a DJ you need a pair of solid headphones, ones that not only sound good but look good. (It’s a vain industry, DJing.) Are these Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones what the doctor ordered? Who knows—I haven’t heard them yet—but given Pioneer’s pedigree I’d say there’s a good chance that, yes, these are quality.

The machine translation reads:

35μm thick plate vibration, and high magnetic field of magnet driver employed with a diameter of 50mm. DJ will be required to reproduce low-range oriented, while the enhanced sound quality. At the same time, to ensure a large volume of the audible, but also improve sound insulation.

So, not only have I not used them, hearing how they sound, but the information isn’t even in English.

I do know, however, that Pioneer wants ¥33,000 (around $340) for them, so they’re not exactly cheap. In fact, they’re downright expensive, especially since it looks like the world is about to plunge into economic chaos. Well, they’re not expensive if you’re signed to Rekids or Renaissance or something