Sanyo unveils three super-advanced IC recorders

Sanyo Japan [JP] has announced three IC recorders that can use SD and microSD cards as recording media and are to be released in Japan November 21.

The ICR-S003M is relatively light on features (omnidirectional stereo microphones, MP3 sound recording, three recording modes) but Sanyo claims it’s “the industry’s smallest and lightest IC recorder equipped with an SD memory card slot”. It’s sized at 36.6×96mmx13.3mm and weighs 52 grams. 11 hours of audio can be stored on a 1GB SD memory card. This model will also be sold outside Japan but Sanyo neglected to say when (price in Japan: $100).

The ICR-RS110MF comes with a radio tuner, a cradle with stereo speakers, a built-in clock and a timer recording function. A 2GB microSD card is enough for recording 22.5 hours of MP3 or three hours in linear PCM. Price in Japan: $300.

Sanyo’s most advanced IC recorder, ICR-PS603RM, features four microphones, highly-directional XY microphones, omnidirectional stereo microphones, 4GB of built-in memory and a special noise cancelation function. The device can record 5.5 hours of data in linear PCM and 6 hours in MP3 (at 320kbps) on its built-in memory but also supports microSD cards. Price in Japan: $350.

It’s unknown at this point if Sanyo will ever sell the ICR-RS110MF and ICR-PS603RM outside Japan.