Apple hit with class action lawsuit over cracked iPhone 3G


This probably won’t come as a surprise to many of you, but Apple (and AT&T) has been hit with a class action lawsuit because of the cracks that develop in the iPhone 3G’s casing.

The lawsuit was filed in a Long Island court by a someone named Avi Koschitzki.

The suit also alleges that, in so many words, AT&T’s 3G network is a piece of garbage. Dropped calls, spotty 3G coverage often meaning you’re bumped down to EDGE because the 3G network is overloaded, etc. (Comedian Jim Norton often complains about AT&T’s network on Opie and Anthony. If it weren’t for the obscene profanity and possible copyright violations I’d post them here because they are insightful and do illustrate the type of problems people seem to be having with the network.)

We asked not too long ago if (m)any of you had run into problems with the iPhone cracking on you and there didn’t appear to be any definitive answer. (Owners of the black iPhone don’t tend to notice the cracks, for example.)

Who knows, maybe in a few years y’all will be able to claim 75 cents as part of a class action settlement.