Thanko's USB triple strike: Get ready for a heated USB wristband, a heated mousepad and a heated mouse

Our favorite Japanese gadget maker Thanko is back with three gadgets to prepare you for the coming winter. Their English online shop should list these clever devices soon. And Thanko’s promo pictures now feature a new model.

First, you can get a heated USB wristband [JP], the so-called Attaka Risutobando. Thanko claims the wristband can reach a maximum temperature of 43.6°C. The USB cable is 180cm long. Price: $20.

Then there is the Attaka Mausupaddo, a heated mousepad [JP] that comes with a 4 USB hub. Users can heat the mousepad up to a maximum of 41.2°C, provided anyone is willing to pay $20 for it.

Third, Thanko gives us the Attaka Mausu, a USB heater mouse [JP]. The device can be heated up to a maximum of 45°C and costs $30. But remember to also get the USB cooler mouse for next summer.

Not bad, but my favorite “heater” device from Thanko must be the “USB cordless warm slippers”, very sexy and a must have for next winter for $42 plus shipping.