Hands on: Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid and some chain saws

A couple weeks back I was privileged enough to chop down some wood in NYC’s Central Park thanks to Husqvarna and their easy to use and almost fool proof chain saws. I may be from Oregon, but I don’t think I’ve touched a chain saw in over 10 years.

I also saw Husqvarna’s recently announced solar hybrid lawnmower. The Automower reminded me of a turtle with solar panels adourning its backside and even made me think that a small child could actually be underneath scooting it along. I think I may have still been inebriated from the night before though. A small wire must be laid underneath the perimeter of your lawn (up to a half acre), so the Automower knows where to go based on its on-board navigation system. It’s a crazy little machine that mows day and night, rain or shine and quietly makes its way back when it needs a boost of energy should the sun be blocked by clouds. I’d take one if I had a lawn.