The Clean Mountain Can or The Mt. Everest Poop Collector

Ever wonder where everyone, you know, goes when climbing Mt. Everest and other such peaks? Personally, I have lost sleep over it but no more. This simple looking container, dubbed the Clean Mountain Can, stores frozen poo in a portable and smell-free method. Apparently some Everest-loving climbers have been spending their free time cleaning up the mountain after decades of free-wheeling snow brownie making with these cans. Hopefully, the CMC will be used more in the future to prevent such Adapt-A-Mountain events.

In case you’re wondering, the can can hold 1.88 gallons of human waste which equates to about 10 to 14 uses and even features a two way vent to account for pressure changes while changing elevations. I’m sure it’s common courtesy to pack the can on the last sherpa when ascending the mountain. Something about being downwind.