Cute USB gadget alarm: Heart-shaped cup warmer and Stitch-shaped humidifier released

Just in time for Christmas, two new cute USB gadgets have been released today in Japan and the best thing is you can order both online even if you live outside Nippon.

First, a company called Runat announced it started selling a USB humidifier [JP] that is shaped like the Disney cartoon character Stitch. The little guy (184x130x165mm) is suitable for small rooms and offices. You can pre-order it here (price: $117.30).

Second, you can get Green House’s heart-shaped USB cup warmer, which was unveiled today [JP]. The company actually rolls out a whole array of heart-shaped gadgets (a mouse, a digital photo frame, a LED light etc.) in their LOVE HEART MODELS 2009 COLLECTION [JP]. You can order their cup warmer from here ($33.66).