Don't be like that kid who played World of Warcraft for 24 hours in a row, please


Americans had a saying in the 1840s: “54-40 or fight!” It referred to the Oregon Country-Canada border dispute we had with the British. Americans, feeling that their nation deserved to be a continental nation, were willing to go to war against the British, again, in order secure a few more swaths of land, and all the gold and glory that goes along with that.

I have a similar saying: “70 by Sunday.” It refers to my superhuman (read: sorry) effort to reach level 70 in World of Warcraft by Sunday, November 23. (I want to hit 80 by Christmas.) According to Titan Panel, I’ve played the game for 1 day, 20 hours (44 hours total) since Friday evening. You figure 10+ hours on Saturday and Sunday and you get an idea of the sheer trauma I’ve put my body through.

But never would I play the game for extended periods of time with little to no food and going on two hours sleep. That kid we mentioned yesterday? Turns out he didn’t pass out after a 15-hour WoW bender, no.

He played the game for nearly 24 hours in a row. (Also, the kid’s from Sweden, not the Netherlands.) Apparently he suffered an epileptic fit.

In summary: if you want to play WoW, or whatever game, for hours on end, for the love of God take a break every once in a while and be sure to eat and drink, preferably something healthy as per your body’s needs.