Man claims photo of his genitals found on his iPhone is a ‘glitch’


How dumb are men, generally? A woman is set to divorce her husband after she discovered a photo of his genitals in his iPhone’s sent e-mails folder. The woman suspected that the guy was sending photos of himself to other women, but the guy had an excuse: it’s just a glitch, honey.

Yeah, the iPhone has this weird habit of going into photo mode, unzipping your pants and sending proof of your awesomeness to strange women.

The woman didn’t believe this “glitch” excuse and asked on the Apple discussion boards for advice. “I think your marriage has a glitch” is what one of the forum goers told her.

The moral of the story is don’t take photos of yourself and not forget to delete them from the sent folder. That, or make sure your iPhone is on your person at all times.