New Vizio LCD TVs sport 120Hz and actually nice sound output

The new 55″ VF550XVT1A (catchy) LCD TV from Vizio looks like it’s got all the features that make buying a new TV worthwhile. With the Smooth Motion Video 120Hz refresh rate feature, this TV should look like the business if it’s anything like similar models I’ve seen. It also has SRS TruSurround HD, an incorporated sound processor, which I’m told actually sounds great. You could plug it into the speaker bar they’re selling if you don’t have a setup already — although at 55″ it’s big enough to use as a real home theater system so you might as well just hit up the full 7.1. At $2000 it’s a good deal for its size and features, although still far above my budget (cry).

They’re also announcing a couple smaller, low-power displays: 19″, 22″, and 26″ LCDs for $250-$450, the latter two of which are 1080p, though none have the 120Hz or SRS. Nothing is mentioned about the 19″, so we’re going to assume its old and busted. There’s also a new monitor, $450, 26″ at 1920×1200 and 3ms response time. I’d say the big TV is the catch from this announcement. They’re not on the main site yet, we’ll update with a link whenever they hit.