Samsung Instinct MR-4 update now available

Things were a bit quiet around here yesterday due to an all day field-trip to Nokia in San Diego (more on that soon – likely tomorrow evening), but we’re back.

First news of the morning comes via tip from Sean. Sometime yesterday, Samsung made an update (MR4, Version BJ20) available for the Instinct with at least one feature that many users have been anxiously awaiting: keyboard support in Java applications. Update: Some Java applications, it seems. While it works with Opera Mini, readers have mentioned that other applications are still keyboard-less

This is something users have been clamoring for since the Instinct’s launch back in june. Without it, many MIDP-compliant Java applications were pretty much useless on the device, including the much-loved Opera Mini.

The update also includes “Standard Document support”, and fixes for 165 little bugs that had been reported.

[Thanks Sean!]