AppleTV 2.3 nix your Boxee? Follow these complicated instructions to re-install

As skeptical as I’ve been about AppleTV, Boxee makes it look pretty damn nice. If you’re one of those who tried out this mod but have been left out in the rain by the 2.3 firmware update, this is your chance to get your unrestricted media center on again. They’re working on making the old method of installation work on the new firmware, but until then you can install Boxee manually by following the instructions in this forum post.

I’ve also copied the instructions to the “inside” of the post so click on if you have a fear of forums or something (I don’t blame you).

Credit for instructions goes of course to Tsella at the forum.

first, get latest and greatest atvusb-creator from

after making a usb stick, and booting the ATV with it, you should be able to ssh into the ATV:

1. figure out the IP address of the ATV via Settings > General > Network, for this example, i will use

2. ssh to ATV

– mac/linux: use terminal and type

ssh frontrow@

the password is frontrow

– windows: get putty, and connect to

3. at the prompt, run the following commands, when asked for password, its frontrow:






sh boxee-0.9.4277.dmg

sudo reboot

and presto, boxee is up and running.

new remote behavior:

1. long “select” switches between now playing and ui
2. long “menu” takes you home
3. back on login screen takes you out

known caveats

1. with the update to 2.3, Apple broke a few things, one being the ability of the app to consistently appear in foreground. till this is figured out, if you run boxee, and get a black screen, you need to back out of boxee by clicking menu on the remote, and try launching boxee again.
2. under some circumstances, if upgrading an older boxee install, the remote may not work under boxee. please reboot, ssh into the ATV, and do:

rm -rf /Users/frontrow/Library/Application\ Support/BOXEE/UserData

Boom. There it is!