Comment of the day: Porsche fanboyism to the extreme edition

We try to keep things simple ’round here by keeping the tech news flowing and the mistakes to a minimum, but occasionally things slip through. Take for example I called Porsche Italian yesterday and got totally reamed in the comments. My mistake fellas. Apparantly I struck a nerve in one Porsche fanboy and I thought everyone would get a kick out of his spirited response.

What’s douchier? Having the taste and style to appreciate perhaps the most important automotive design and engineering accomplishments ever, or writing blog posts about video game gear without even a basic understanding of the subject? I’m pretty sure my dog knows that Porsche is a German brand.

Being labeled a “douche” by an actual douche like the clueless author of this post is a treasure that all Porsche enthusiasts wear as a badge of honor.

Hey Matt, next time you see me (I’ll be the guy in the Porsche cap) remind to school you on some other fundamental automobile and editorial facts. For example, I’ll bet you didn’t know Caroll Shelby was a man? Actually, you probably never heard of Caroll Shelby because you obviously know nothing about auto racing history at all. Did you know there’s this thing called wikipedia that allows you to research things (like car manufacturers) before you start publishing content on the web?

As for my automotive knowledge, I grew up in a little town called Flint, MI where GM was born, matured and ultimately abandoned. That backdrop kindled my automotive passion and was a great place for a gearhead to grow up. Not to brag, but I can tear apart a GM 350 crate engine and put it back together with my eyes closed.

My Yorkie is named Ferrari Enzo Burns (he’s small, fast and expensive), and I am surrounded right now with more car memorabilia and collectibles than I care to divulge including those Hot Wheels that are on my desk right now. Call me a douche and a bad speller, cause I am, but do not dare question my knowledge of Carroll Shelby and the industry.

After all, this is just a tech blog, buddy and I made a mistake. Smile. I won’t poke fun at your favorite German brand ever again. Maybe.