New reviews have GeForces pulling ahead of Radeons

I’ve been trumpeting Radeon superiority in this video card generation for months, but it seems that the seesaw is tipping the other way now and NVIDIA is back on their game. Doubtless the cost-for-performance of the 48xx series early on caused NVIDIA to panic and drop prices, but now that the platforms have matured a little bit, drivers have been updated, and new games are being tested, it seems that GeForce is once again taking the lead.

I’ve just read two head-to-head reviews of a GTX 260 and Radeon 4870, one at DriverHeaven and one at Bjorn3d, that suggest that at the enthusiast level (~$300), the GTX 260 has as much as 10-15% performance lead across the board. That’s huge, and what with PhysX and CUDA ascending, I think I know what my next card will be.
[via Rage3D]