$400 PS3 holiday bundle spotted: 80GB system, Ratchet, Casino Royale


Ha! Check out this Zapruder-quality photo of an upcoming PS3 holiday bundle, taken at a Best Buy. (We’re not sure if it’s Best Buy-exclusive.) If we’re to believe this to be authentic, the bundle contains an 80GB system, Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and the Blu-ray edition of Casino Royale. (Speaking of which, anyone see Quantum of Solace? I heard mixed things.) All this for $400, meaning you can consider the game or movie to be free.

This bundle goes on sale on November 28, which, yes, is Black Friday. I wonder how “black” it’ll be this year, or will retailers be all “um, no one’s buying anything, let’s panic.” What a time to be alive!