God of War III confirmed (amid slew of ‘F’ words)


David Jaffe directed such hit games as Twisted Metal: Black and God of War. As such, he’d be the man to listen to vis-à-vis those pesky God of War III rumorsthat have been buzzing about. Lo and behold, the man confirmsits existence in a post on his blog. The post itself is sorta disjointed—I suppose that’s the man’s style, just like how Jerry Yang doesn’t use capital letters or anything resembling punctuation in his e-mails—but the relevant information is quoted here, pour vous:

I saw GOD OF WAR III when I was in Santa Monica last week. I can and will not give away details…. dudes and dudettes, fucking WAIT till you see the amazing graphics…

It goes on like that, full of “F” words for no particular reason. (I subscribe to the Mick Foley theory of using the “F” Word.)

The best comment is the first one: “Graphics are a given (hopefully) these days to be outstanding. What about the gameplay?!”

Indeed. What about the gameplay? Are we in for more innovative-five-years-ago active time events?