Nominate us for a Weblog Award? Please? Peter Ha will get rickets if we don't win

Peter Ha is walking because of one thing: hope. And modern medicine. So two things, but the hope thing is much more interesting. That’s why I’m asking that you to nominate CG in one of the categories, I’d recommend best tech blog, in the 2008 Weblogs Award. But don’t do it for me, friends. Do it for Peter Ha. When Peter Ha was little he had an advanced case of rickets that was cured, almost miraculously, when his mother told him that one day, if he learned to walk again, he would win the 2008 Weblog Awards for Best Technology Blog. That day was 20 odd years in coming, but I’d love for that day to be whenever they announce the awards this year. We can do this thing. We can do this thing for little Peter Ha.