Reevoo's iphone app comes into its own in the Crunch

With over 20,000 reviews on under the company’s belt, Reevoo is a service that may be influencing what you buy, and what you don’t buy. Founded in 2005 (previous coverage here) the British based startup recently released an iPhone web app. A native application is yet to shows its face, so we’ll be taking a look at the iPhone web-app.

Search for a product you may be interested in and you’re given a list of related products. What I like about this is on the same screen you’re given a clearly displayed rating on every listed item. It’s convenient and saves time. If you’d like to go deeper when researching, or if you wish read those staple reviews the company is built upon. You simply select a result and you’re presented with a clear list of reviews, a guide price and a product image. The format is clean and the information is plentiful.

I spent this morning in my local town center drinking too many cups of coffee, and looking at various electronic indulgences. This is where the application shines. The ability to research the product whilst you’re in the store is an in-expendable tool. Another nifty feature of the app is the ability to purchase products though the merchants signed onto the site. More convenient, and you can now compare prices to find the best credit crunch beating deal.

For what it is Reevoo isn’t anything groundbreaking, even delivered through the iPhone. But the service is good, the app is useful and you will discover that Reevoo is a tool you want to use. Price comparison services are also about to become a great deal more important in the coming recession. Alas.

(By Grant Bell, TCUK’s current intern)