zzzPhone goes Android for real this time

zzzPhone, makers of the zzzPhone, have announced that their latest version now supports Android, making it what appears to the second Android phone in existence. The company has two of them in China right now and is taking orders for their $119 base model. You can add Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, pico-projectors, television tuners, and a Hell’s Angel and his lady.

The website is nigh on unusable right now but I ordered a zzzPhone with Android and it should arrive in 10 business days. As I’ve said before, this business model is solid: task some factory in China to build custom phones for fickle consumers. Sadly, I think zzzPhone’s presentation is definitely keeping this model from taking off and here’s hoping the company can survive long enough to make some of the $5.75 back it spent on website design.

I want zzzPhone to succeed. You so rarely see little guys trying to make it in this space and zzzPhone is quite clearly a little guy. But it can be done. After all, look at Cookie Puss. Tom Carvel did his own commercials and we all know how well that turned out. You can still buy Fudgie the Whale today.