BlackBerry Storm online orders to ship earlier than expected

After braving the cold air and riotous enviromnents of the BlackBerry Storm launch only to go home empty-handed, many Storm-hopefuls returned to try to get their new handset online. Sure, they’d have to wait a day or two for it to be shipped to them but how bad.. wait, what? They wouldn’t arrive till December 15th? Shenanigans! RING THE ALARM!! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE.

If people could figure out a way to throw e-bricks through Verizon’s virtual storefront windows, I’m sure they would have done it.

Realizing that making people wait 3+ weeks for a device that they’ve hyped up to absurd levels probably isn’t a good idea, Verizon has managed to cut a week off of the wait time. It’s still sort of crazy, but those looking to nab up a Storm can expect the delivery man to show up sometime around December 8th be it that they get their orders in quick.

[Via BGR]