Kisai Denshoku: Shinjuku hot nights

The Kisai Denshoku is an homage to the lights and skyline of Shinjuku but personally I think this watch by Tokyoflash looks more like a little hibachi waiting for some shrimp and a nice flank of Kobe beef.

The Denshoku costs $247.72 and is available in white or black.

The watch shows the time in three stages. You press the button and it shows the hours, ten minutes, and then the single minutes. You can also activate animation mode that gives a Blade Runner-esque sense of style to your next board meeting.

Your Boss: So we’ve got to really pull together this quarter and get those sales numbers up. I think we have some leads and I think we’re going to be able to make it through this slump without losing any of you.
You: It’s too bad she won’t live!
Your Boss: Without losing some of you.