Software makes an ugly face beautiful


Israeli scientists have developed software that turns your ugly mug into a mathematically beautiful visage. Yes, we have evolved a great deal, us humans.

What the software (a Photoshop plugin) does is alters a face to make it “look” more attractive, based on mathematics and “perceived” attractiveness. If you’ve watched any of those TLC or Discovery Channel documentaries about human behavior, you’ll know that things like distance between someone’s eyes, shape of someone’s nose, etc. all affect a person’s level of attractiveness. A woman whose eyes are too far apart—and we’re talking micrometers here—might as well wear a paper bag over her head.

Yes, this raises some ethical concerns. Will people use this software to “improve” their looks with plastic surgery? Will this make people think they’re ugly? Will Sarah Jessica still look like a horse?

One of the silliest stories I’ve heard in a while.

via The Insider