Capcom releases soundtrack to new Street Fighter game for free

Although I like to flatter myself that my personal blog has the top Google result for “nes mp3 themes” and related searches, it’s folks like VGMusic and OC Remix that have the selection and newer tracks that gamers crave (if they crave game themes at all). Case in point: Capcom didn’t come to me when they wanted to freely distribute the soundtrack for the new (and from what I hear, awesome) Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix.

There are a lot of tracks (torrent here) and they’re pretty much what you expect. Crazy-ass fan-made video game music. My only question is, how can something be Super, Turbo, and a Remix at the same time? That way lies madness.

[sprite rip from here, and yes a 200kb image was absolutely necessary for this post]