CrunchBase: Are You In It?

CrunchBase, our free database of startup and people information, continues to grow thanks to countless additions and corrections by the community. The site now has entries on 20,000 people, 10,000 companies and over 1,000 venture funds.

The majority of content is added by the community (CrunchBase has wiki features to allow unlimited versioning control to step back if bad entries are made). When an important deal or milestone about a person or startup is reported on any site, people add it to Crunchbase for others to find.

We’re starting to see grass roots efforts by local startup communities to make sure their data is in CrunchBase and up to date. We also have an open API that lets developers grab CrunchBase data. And we’ve written about some of our favorite applications to access that data here and on the CrunchBase blog.

But there still isn’t nearly enough data in CrunchBase. We want you to be in there too. Just add a few sentences about yourself to the database, upload a picture and put in a link to your blog or website (see “contribute” links on the right sidebar). And if you are at a startup, please make sure you add your information, or check to see if the information already there is up to date.

The team continues to add features weekly. If you have any feedback, please let us know.