Good, weird times in new Street View

I’ve been cruising around my neighborhood in the updated Street View today and have already found a few interesting items. For instance, as you see above, the stretch of northbound I-5 above Eastlake is now a terrifying corridor of colorful static. I haven’t driven that stretch in a few weeks so I guess it’s possible, but I should have noticed it when I was out there at the Lo-Fi last Saturday.

What other glitches mar the face of the Emerald City?

Gas prices here are fluctuating wildly, as these two pictures from Admiral and 42nd in West Seattle show: just in the time it took the Vehigoogle to cross the street, gas prices jumped more than a buck. What a scam! (yes, I know what’s really going on here)

Lastly, I found the van I was driving this summer parked on 12th in its usual habitat, but unless Google took this picture in a vehicle-mounted funhouse mirror, I’m guessing they’ve got a few aspect ratio issues to smooth out.

Find anything interesting in your recently added town or neighborhood? Glitches, funny occurrences? Feel free to leave them in comments.