Rumor: New Xbox 360 mobo to get 256MB flash memory

Image credit: Moddage
Images of Jasper, the new (manufactured Oct 23) Xbox 360 mobo, show some neat features that haven’t been announced or confirmed by Microsoft. Among them are the run of the mill 150W power supply (lower power consumption means lower power bills for you, natch), a GPU with a  smaller footprint, and 256MB of internal storage via a flash chip.

Xbox Scene is pretty positive that the onboard storage means you can install the NXE dashboard without robbing you of hard disk space. Good news for those of you who are trying to milk every single byte out of your already-crammed hard drives.

The new GPU is built on a 65nm process — and as you may have learned from the constant shrinking of processors, the smaller the process, the less power drawn and the less heat produced. This is good news for reliability, as RROD problems were heat-based; if you’re still trepidatious about dropping $250 on a hot brick, this next generation may set you at ease.

Nothing else too groundbreaking here, unless RAM configurations get you hot.
[Via Xbox Scene]