Update on the Wal-Mart Black Friday death: Police having hard time identifying those responsible


No story has ever annoyed me as much as the Black Friday death that occurred at a Long Island Wal-Mart last week. What’s worse is that, right now, it doesn’t look like the police will be able to identify the perpetrators. They’ll walk away scot-free, content with having bought some piece of garbage widget for $5 less than they would have paid on any other day. That, and having killed a man.

The New York Times has a profile of the victim, one Jdimytai Damour, who was 34 years old. His friends called him Jimbo. By all accounts, he was simply a nice guy looking to make a few extra dollars.

For its part, Wal-Mart is pleading ignorance. Since on-site security is the responsibility of a subcontractor, and since each store is responsible for its own security arrangements, Wal-Mart doesn’t really know what to say to allegations that security was lax. A spokesman called it an “unfortunate incident.”

Gee, thanks.

I don’t know, it’s pretty much the worst story ever, made worse by the fact that, you know, it was caused by people trying to save a few dollars on junk they don’t need.