Motorola notices the world's serious lack of music phones, introduces the EM35 ROKR

Apparently not aware of the gigantic countdown timer leading up to Nokia’s N97 announcement earlier this morning, or having forgotten the golden rule of “Lets not all announce crap on the same day (unless it’s for a convention)”, Motorola has announced the EM35 ROKR music phone.

It’s not going to drop jaws at the local geek show-and-tell, but it looks like a decent handset for music fans who aren’t vibing with all that touchscreen jibberjabber going on as of late. It has an FM tuner, dual speakers, stereo bluetooth, CrystalTalk background noise reduction, and the oh-so-crucial 3.5mm headset jack. The onboard memory comes in at a paltry 110mb, but it’s expandable up to 32 gigs by way of microSD. Unfortunately, the lack of 3G (quad-band EDGE only) makes this one a relic before it even hits the shelves. No word yet on who’s getting it nor how much it’ll go for.

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