RED revises its announcement, gives RED ONE owners a sweet deal

The big RED announcement from two weeks ago made quite a rumble, and it was only a few days afterwards that Jim Jannard announced things were changing yet again. Well, the revision has arrived. Jim says they’ve taken over “all aspects of electronic design and sensor fabrication,” apparently allowing them to do some stuff to upgrade the specs on a lot of the sensors. They’ve also announced a “reward” for their original customers with RED ONE units, saying they’ll get a really nice deal on a special setup if they want it, including a special sensor and bundled stuff at no extra charge.

Of note is the disclosure of 2K speeds up to 350fps on the larger sensors, 250fps on the smaller, and the pricing of the “complete” Scarlet with a fixed lens at $3750, which is pretty reasonable.

It’s another one of those “huge images stacked on top of each other” announcements so click on through to see everything.

(I’ve re-encoded and split them for your convenience, the JPEG quality is pretty bad though. The originals are at Jim’s post.)
(and thanks for the tip, dude)