Time warp! 3dfx updates its Voodoo drivers

I love this. Back in the day before it was AMD’s Radeon vs. NVIDIA’s GeForce, it was Riva’s TNT vs. 3DFX’s Voodoo. At that stage there were serious differences and advantages, and if I remember correctly, the Voodoo3 came out as Riva was ascendant, and was competitive. The Voodoo5, implementing hardware full-screen anti-aliasing, was an interesting card but was seriously outclassed by the DirectX7-capable Radeon and GeForce2.

Now that we’ve had our history lesson, it’s time for the news: it seems 3dfx has randomly decided to release a unified driver architecture for the Voodoo cards and has updated them with a set applicable to any of the Voodoo series. I confess I haven’t been following 3dfx news these last few years, so if they’ve been doing this all along let me know. I think it’s great no matter what, though, that this old hardware is still supported. It’s be like getting a patch for Warcraft 2.
[via the Inquirer]