Aekard 2i: Nintendo DSi now has a working ‘homebrew’ cart


The Nintendo DS Lite has already been hacked to pieces, meaning that you can buy one of those shady flash carts and load all the ROMs on there you want. The DSi, however, had been incompatible with those same cards… until now!

Yes, the Aekard 2i, which comes from a long pedigree of of such cards, is now fully compatible with the DSi. In short, you copy over a bunch of files—games and music and the like—over to a MicroSD card, then you put the MicroSD card in the Aekard. Turn your DSi on and off you go. (I had one of these types of cards for the GBA, worked well enough, I suppose.)

Of course, the official reason these types of cards exist is to support homebrew. We all know that’s a codeword, though.

The original Aekard DS runs for around $40, but prices vary wildy. Might want to shop around, then.

via Hack A Day