CG/TC Notebook winners: Your pithy wit etherized like a patient on a table

As you recall, we were giving away some notebooks from and We asked for your worst lines of overwrought poetry and clearly we struck a nerve because we got 115 examples of some of the worst verse imaginable, plus some folks who couldn’t figure things out.

Our first winner, picked at random, is Russell:

Oh CrunchGear how this is such a quagmire.
Of course Moleskin is that which I desire.
In my journal, that i promise to keep
You wont find any disdain for sheep
for in it I’ll plan, and organize I’ll try
all of these thoughts that drift to the sky
may i just say, if i may
CrunchGear is the best. every day
I check it before breakfast and after lunch
and when i am finished i check TechCrunch.
I love the new storm and the iphone too
But without the moleskin, ill feel so blue
so please let me win, it’d warm my heart so
and with those last words, I must go.

But what about Matt? He was funny, too:

A Moleskin Journal for weenies indeed.
Savage, is such a rodent, I’ll pass.
If a journal is what one really needs,
They’d do well with a Lionskin, much more bad ass!

Then we had this workshop reject from Heather:

And the ambrosial memory yet lingers in
my old mind like a sweet,
candid whisper
in a New Orleans hotel
on that dangerously tepid autumn night
in 1942

And finally a comment reminding us that all is vanity from Eric:

Sitting in Starbucks
Moleskine and mocha in hand
I am a scholar

Thanks for playing, guys and gals!