CrunchGear Interns Needed: Learn a new trade

Looking to learn a new trade? Need freedom to just drive? Give blogging a try. The CG editors are looking for direct assistants, preferably based in the US or Europe. We’re not picky. How do you apply? Email john @ crunchgear dot com or AIM me at johnbiggsnyc. Be prepared to explain who you are, why you want to be a slave and work for free (sorry, it’s unpaid, but we can set up course credit), and why you love Peter Ha’s long, luxuriant hair. Have a day job? Idle with us and post in between filling out TPS reports. Are you a student? We will send you stuff to review including, but not limited to, beer, USB keys, and beer.

Be ready for when the recession ends: Learn how to blog like the pros today at CrunchGear’s Blogdriving Institute.