HTC Shadow (II) strikes back, makes FCC appearance

If you’re in the market for a GSM/WiFi/UMA device, and enjoy slinking around in the darkness…HTC appears to have you covered.

Roughly a year since the original HTC Shadow hit T-Mobile stores (and 6 months since a beta unit surfaced on ebay), the FCC has posted some dirt on HTC’s latest Winmo device, the Shadow II.

Sporting a slightly redesigned, rounder (finger-magnet glossy) form factor, the Quad-band GSM WinMo 6.1 Pro Shadow II features an improved processor, a 2mp photo/video cam, slide-out keyboard, 6 button/spinning scroll wheel input, a spacious 2.6” QVGA color display, WiFi, stereo Bluetooth, and a MicroSD memory card slot.

According to the User Manual submitted to the FCC, the Shadow II also supports Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology, allowing T-Mobile @Home users to switch seamlessly between T-Mobile’s cellular network and their home WiFi.

As usual, no pricing or availability info yet. One more shot after the jump.

[Via MobileBurn]