Next major Android handset revealed: the Agora

The next gPhone has arrived, and surprisingly, it looks pretty nice. Although we were all very excited about China’s Sciphone (not really), the Kogan Agora and its upgraded twin, the Agora Pro, are probably a much better bet.

It looks rather like a Blackjack, but it fits all the capabilities of a G1 or iPhone into that thinner form factor. I’m a bit jealous, although I think I’ll much prefer the keyboard on my handset. It’s being sold for 300 and 400 Australian dollars for the Agora and Pro respectively, which translates to about $200 or $260 in American dollars. You’d want to go with the pro, since it includes GPS, Wi-Fi, and a camera, although both have a microSD slot, full QWERTY as you can see, and yes, that 320×240 screen is touchable.

We’ll have to wait until we get one to evaluate, of course, but it looks like a solid piece of work.

[via ITWire]