Atari's Ghostbusters actually looks good

Most folks in the gaming world have been a bit apprehensive about Atari’s Ghostbusters title and after the no-show at PAX this year, many wondered if it was even going to see the light of day.

As a youth growing up in the 80s the Ghostbusters movies were a staple in my rotation of weekend movie watching. The other being the original Star Wars trilogy with a sprinkling of Saturday morning cartoons like Voltron and G.I. Joes. It’s apparent that the video game industry and Hollywood are resting on their laurels and just rehashing old titles. So it comes as no shock that the upcoming adaption from Atari is under extreme scrutiny. Royally screwing something up that was fantastic in its heyday will certainly tarnish the original work and leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, so I must applaud Atari for what appears to be a fantastic revision. Sure, it’s only a trailer and those always look stellar, but so far, so good.

What do you think?