Full-sized travel keyboard for those who travel

Atek just launched a $29.95 travel keyboard that has a full 99 key keyboard with numeric keys and a protective cover. It weighs 1.4 pounds and is great for those of us who simply must feel the click of a good IBM keyboard under our fingertips, even – or especially – in the darkest jungles of New Jersey.

The keyboard has standard-sized keys and doesn’t fold like some other keyboards we won’t mention here. It’s available now here.

Feels like a desktop keyboard, packs like a travel accessory!

Work more productively on your laptop!

Tired of typing slowly, hitting wrong keys, and searching for oddly placed keys on your laptop keyboard? Atek’s OnBoard Travel Keyboard is for you!

It’s built like a desktop keyboard* with standard size keys, so it provides the feel and comfort you need to type fast, maintain accuracy, and work productively!

Unlike wobbly fold-up travel keyboards, the OnBoard Travel Keyboard is solid and stable, yet small enough to fit inside most laptop cases and shoulder bags. And the hard protective cover and cord management system provide safe and simple storage.

For extra comfort, you can use the included inflatable palm rest and the cover as a cradle to tilt the keyboard.
When you travel, get more work done with the Atek OnBoard Travel Keyboard!

* Type faster and more accurately increase work productivity and reduce frustration
* Comfortable desktop keyboard keys (99 total, including separate numeric keys)*
* Fits inside most laptop cases and shoulder bags (measures approx. 14-3/4 inches long when stored & weighs under 1.4 lbs.)
* Optional tilting using cover as cradle
* Inflatable palm rest included
* Protective sliding cover
* USB cord wraps around keyboard inside cover for convenient storage (length 3 ft.)
* For use with Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and Mac OS X**
* One year limited warranty

*A standard desktop keyboard has 104 keys. The five keys that the OnBoard Travel Keyboard does not have are Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause Break, and right side Ctrl and Windows keys.
** Not all keys work with Mac OS X
Price: $29.95