Review: Stanley 3-in-1 flashlight

Short Version: A multi-head, LED flashlight by Stanley. Clever and a great household tool. Just be careful as it isn’t Maglite tough.

Overview and Features:

  • Three separate LED flashlights
  • Runs on six AA batteries
  • Tripod legs
  • Adjustable heads

Why would you want this?

This is a sweet flashlight. I wasn’t a big fan right away – more on that later – but one cold, dark night it won me over. The main feature of the 3-in-1 Tripod is that it has three, separate LED torches that can run separately, or all as one. It’s clever and works well. Each LED light is bright enough but when their powers combine – wow. 

The tripod is why I love this flashlight as it works well as an impromptu work light. One cold night I decided it would be a great time for me to hang a screen door. I grabbed the drill, screws, and this flashlight which previously hadn’t impressed me due to…well…read on. But with a press of tripod button, I had enough light to do the deed without running an extension cord and hooking up a proper light. it was great.

Why you don’t want it.

Plastic. Lots and lots of plastic. I hate plastic tools. Hate them. Plastic is for toys and metal is for tools. Tools are suppose to last a lifetime and toys a season. I can count two pieces of metal on this entire flashlight. One, the tripod release spring. Two. the magnets that hold the tripod legs together. The rest is plastic.

This isn’t a Maglite. I dare say it would not hold up in the bed of a truck or fair well in a toolbox full of metal tools. This flashlight is not meant for real men and their work detail. Thankfully, I’m a blogger.


This flashlight is great for the everyday person. Just like I said when it was released, everyone should have this in their car’s emergency pack. The tripod feature and separate flashlights are genius. While it’s not built like heirloom quality hammer, it should hold up fine under normal situations. Highly recommended.