Samsung Instinct gets Exchange/Lotus Notes calendar sync

Are you an Instinct owner on Sprint, constantly living in fear that Friends re-run schedule on your handset may not be perfectly up-to-date with the one lingering on your Exchange server? I understand. Ross and Rachel are serious business.

Fortunately, Sprint’s got a little something to help you with your anxiety. This morning, they pushed an update to their Mobile Email Work application which adds support for calendar synchronization with Microsoft Exchange (2000, 2003, 2007) and IBM Lotus Notes. If you’ve got Mobile Email Work enabled, you should be seeing a software update prompt soon. It’s included in all of Sprint’s “Everything” plans – so if you’re on one of’em and you’ve got a server to plug in to, you’ve got nothing to lose.

(And yes, I made a Friends reference in 2008. While I could substitute in a slightly more relevant sitcom, you should have seen all of Scrubs already anyways.)