Square makes pass at Lara Croft, Warner laughs heartily

Earlier today, gaming news site MCV learned that Square Enix is preparing to bid against Warner Interactive in an attempt to purchase Eidos, or at least a part of it. Given the fact that Warner Interactive already owns a percentage of Eidos, and last month they were given the opportunity to buy more shares, industry pundits still expect Warner to close the deal.

Given the financial problems that Eidos has experienced in the last 12 months, this may be the only way for them to continue to exist. While Tomb Raider: Underworld has been released recently, it has been met with underwelming reviews and may not be enough to help them recover from the last year. Whether they’re swallowed whole by Warner or torn into pieces to be sold to the highest bidder, it doesn’t look like they’ll be their own company for long.